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Dec 16 1879 - Nov 6 1946

Feb 8 1892 - June 29 1978

..previously mentioned on this web site, were born and married in Fayette County Georgia. Winnie was the daughter of ELAM C. WILLIAMS and CELIE PATHINIA JONES. Along with Winnie, William and Celie had the following children; 1. Walter 2. Bartow m. Dollie Slayton 3. Tom m. Nora Belle Williams 4. Mattie m. Jim Lasseter 5. Winnie m. Ed Whitlock 6. Effie m. Paul Robinson 7. Clara m. Andrew Knowles 8. Annie Sue m. Jack Carden 9. Beulah m. Johnny Whitlock 10. Fannie Lou Edward was the son of Marcus Varner Whitlock and Rebecca Elizabeth Williams.

1846 - 1914

1856 - 1941

Children of Marcus Varner Whitlock and Rebecca E. Williams; 1. Willie m. Sarah Frances Chandler 2. Feddie m. “Nin” Stinchcomb 3. Edward Davis m. Winnie Williams 4. Mark m. Lillie Ola Chandler 5. Paul Austin 6. Wilbur m. Mattie Moore 7. Alton m. Phoebe Carden 8. Annie m. John Askew 9. Onie m. Walt Brown 10. Lizzie Mae m. Milton Chapman 11. Lucy m. Don Lloyd Marcus was the son of Beasley Whitlock and Sarah Clements.

1790 - 1869 Virginia Married, Oct. 22, 1822 in Morgan Co., GA. 1807 - 1873 Virginia

Children of Beasley Whitlock and Sarah Clements; 1. Mathilda Whitlock m. Berry L. Johnson 2. William Whitlock m. Jane E. Johnson 3. John Austin Whitlock m. Nancy Jane Lively* 4. Charles D. Whitlock 5. Robert N. Whitlock 6. Thomas J. Whitlock 7. James S. Whitlock 8. Josiah Whitlock 9. Marcus V. Whitlock m. Rebecca E. Williams 10. Wilson Whitlock Beasley was the son of John Whitlock and Christian Beasley.

Born ABT. 1740 in Virginia Died ABT. 1806 in Greene County, Georgia Married NOV 9, 1785 in Virginia Born ABT. 1750 in Virginia Died AFT. 1785 in Georgia

John Married 1st Tabitha WHATLEY d/o Ornan 11/28/1798-1/1/1799 and Judith Whatley.

(These are the webmaster,David Corley's 5 times Grandparents)
He married 2nd Christian BEASLEY. dau. of Robert BEASLEY b: ABT. 1740 in Chesterfield County Virginia and Elizabeth WILLINGHAM b: 1729 in Prince George County Virginia. (see Beasley below) Children of John Whitlock and Christian Beasley; 1. Polly Gerald WHITLOCK b. 23 Dec 1791 married Burwell Whatley and died in 1803 in childbirth. 2. Jarrald WHITLOCK 3. Betsy Willingham WHITLOCK 4. Beasley WHITLOCK
Thanke to Mary Harper Titusville, Fla. for sharring her info 11/28/05. Her husband descends from Beasley Whitlock through his son John Austin Whitlock and Nancy Jane Lively.


Christian BEASLEY married John WHITLOCK Birth: ABT. 1760 in Virginia Death: AFT. 1785 in Georgia Daughter of: Robert BEASLEY b: ABT. 1740 in Chesterfield County Virginia Elizabeth WILLINGHAM b: 1729 in Prince George County Virginia October 2000 THE LAST WORD ON THE BEASLEYS by Alex Hopkins Lunenberg County Virginia marriage records record the marriage on 1 June 1762 of Robert Beasley and Betty Winningham. Robert Beasley was the son of William Beasley of Chesterfield County Virginia, whose will was dated December 14, 1789. William, in turn, was the likely son of Robert Beasley and Mary Curtis, originally of Henrico County. The section of Henrico where they lived was taken out of Henrico in 1735 and made into a separate Parish called Dale. When Chesterfield County was created in 1749 it included Dale Parish. When Robert Beasley died in 1766, he left a will date 12 February 1762 identifying himself as Robert Beasley of Dale Parish. This father/son relationship between Robert and William has not yet been proved, but should be possible with land records. Betty (Betsy) Winningham/Willingham was the daughter of John Willingham who died in Lunenberg County leaving a will dated February 2, 1750. His wife was Mary Johnston, daughter of Joseph and Mary Johnston. Robert Beasley and Elizabeth (Betsy) Willingham had eight known children: Mary Beasley Stephen Beasley Robert C. Beasley John Beasley Christian Beasley m. John Whitlock Jarrell Beasley William Beasley Sarah (Sallie C.) Beasley All of these children moved to Georgia with the senior Beasley in the mid to late 1790s with the exception of Stepen who is not shown in records this late and possible died before the move. Robert BEASLEY was the son of; William BEASLEY Birth: BEF. 1740 Death: 1789 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia Filed his Will DEC 1789 , Chesterfield Co., Va Notes of interest; These records commence in Virginia in the year 1782. In this year ROBERT BEASLEY is taxed on himself; 22 slaves (all named); 32 horses; and 1,449 acres of land. In this same year there is also listed WILLLIAM BEASLEY with 400 acres of land. The following is info on Robert Beasley's Rev. War service making his decedents eligible for membership in the Daughters and Sons of the American Revaluation COURT BOOKLET, PAGE 3 - 13 March 1782 [line 16] - (Very faint and dim) - TO ROBERT BEASLEY for 750 lbs of .... Ibid, page 14 - (Line 10) - To ROBERT BEASLEY, for a gun impressed for the militia who were ordered to join General Greene...£3 - [ PAID]....... ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE (photostat of ) - I do certify that ROBERT BEASLEY has furnished for the use of the Army two beeves adjudged to weigh 750 weight...signed by John Ballard Jr, D C P L - Lunenburg County 13 Sept 1781....750 ~ 3d - £9 7s 6d [xerox copy mailed to client] - COMMISSIONERS BOOK IV, PAGE 3 - LUNENBURG COUNTY, VA. October 9, 1783 - Paid to ROBERT BEASLEY for beef furnished the C P S as per certificate allowed by the Court of Lunenburg.......[xerox copy mailed to client].... Elizabeth (Betsy) WILLINGHAM wife of Robert Beasley was the daughter of, John WILLINGHAM III b: 1690 in of Prince George and Lunenberg County Virginia and Mary JOHNSTON b: ABT. 1700 in Virginia John was the son of; Father: John WILLINGHAM II b: ABT. 1660 in England or Virginia

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